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advanced driver assistance systems
Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) refers to a set of safety features and technologies designed to assist drivers in the driving process and enhance overall vehicle safety. These systems use...
advanced photon source
An accelerator at the Argonne National Laboratory, providing powerful x-ray beams for materials research applications.
advanced tactical air reconnaissance system
An aerial reconnaissance system that can transmit, in near real time, image data recorded by IR and visual-spectrum sensors, providing day, night and foul-weather intelligence.
accessible emission limit
A glow discharge lamp consisting of a cold cathode and a mixture of inert gases. The intensity of illumination varies with the applied signal voltage. This lamp was commonly used as a source of...
aerial camera
Camera designed for the imaging of the earth's surface in order to obtain high quality aerial images
aerial film
Film designed especially for the needs and conditions encountered in aerial photography. It is produced in a variety of widths, lengths and emulsions.
aerial mapping
The use of photographs taken from the air to construct graphic maps and charts of ground surfaces.
aerial perspective
An optical illusion in which distant objects are lighter in tone and less distinct in outline than those closer to the observer because of the atmospheric diffusion of light.
aerial photogrammetry
The application of aerial photographs as a means of measurement in map making and surveying.
aerial photography
Photographing of terrain on the ground and objects in the air by cameras mounted in aircraft; utilized in satellites, multispectral scanning and intricate data handling systems.
aerial reconnaissance
The use of optical or electronic recording systems to extract information from the terrain, while aloft, for reconnaissance applications.
aerial survey
The creation of a planned sequence of data input that is obtained while airborne for use in aerial photogrammetry and other types of map making and surveying. The data can be photographic, electronic...
The creation of topographical maps and charts from a stereographic record produced through the overlapping of consecutive aerial photographs by more than 50 percent.
A two-phase system consisting of dispersed liquid or solid particles in a gas; examples include dust, smoke and clouds.
In aerial photography, the geometric method of indicating the three-dimensional location of ground points from a pair of aerial photographs.
Auger electron spectroscopy; atomic emission spectrometry
audio frequency; autofocusing
automatic frequency control
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
affine transformation
Transformation of an image, such as a change in position or scale, that does not alter the linearity of the original image.
atomic force microscope
An optical system with object and image points at infinity. Literally, "without a focal length."
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
atomic fluorescence spectroscopy
That image remaining on the detector after the primary stimulus has been removed. In the visual system, the after-image commonly appears as the complementary color of the primary stimulus.
The luminosity that remains in a rarefied gas after an electrodeless discharge has traversed the gas.
automatic gain control
aerospace ground equipment
Advisory Group on Electron Tubes
Agri-photonics refers to the application of photonics technologies in agriculture. Photonics involves the generation, manipulation, and detection of light and other forms of radiant energy whose...
axial gradient index
automated guided vehicle
attitude heading and reference system
artificial intelligence
Automated Imaging Association
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
airborne intelligent display; area imaging device
American Institute of Electrical Engineers
aiming beam
A visible laser beam generated coaxially with an infrared or other invisible laser beam to aid in its positioning.
aiming circle
An instrument designed to measure angles in azimuth; used in general topographic work and military gunnery.
American Institute of Physics
air bearing
A support device in which a column or chamber of air permits the free travel of a mobile part. In optical mounting and positioning equipment, air bearings are of two types, linear or rotary,...
air dose
A quantitative measure of the amount of radiation given off by an instrument, expressed in roentgens per unit of free air.
air-spaced doublet -> doublet
1. A compound lens consisting of two elements. If there is an air space between the elements it is called an "air-spaced doublet.'' If the inner surfaces are cemented together, it is called a...
air-to-ground phototransmission system
A category of systems designed to communicate a photo taken from the air (e.g., aircraft, balloon, satellite) to a ground station. It can be done by direct television transmission of the photo, or by...

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