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liter; lambert
long band
lines per millimeter
laser gyro axis
A lab-on-a-chip (LOC) is a miniaturized device that integrates various laboratory functions and capabilities onto a single, compact chip. Also known as microfluidic devices, lab-on-a-chip systems are...
Label-free refers to a technique or method that does not require the use of additional labels, tags, or markers to detect or identify specific components or entities. In various scientific and...
laser detection and ranging
ladar -> lidar
light detection and ranging
ladder diagram
A diagram that shows actual component signals and the basic wiring configuration of a relay logic circuit.
large-area electronics
large-area electronic display panel
A term applied to an electric charge image in a camera tube that remains for a period of a few frames after its initial formation.
laser geodynamic satellite
lambda services
Term for service offered by a vendor who leases a particular wavelength to a customer through DWDM technology. Lambda services are often associated with the leasing of dark fiber.
Lambert's absorption law
Transmittance of a solution, or internal transmittance of a transparent solid, is an exponential function of the thickness of the layer.
Lambert's cosine law
Flux per unit solid angle leaving a surface in any direction is proportional to the cosine of the angle between that direction and the normal to the surface. A material that obeys Lambert's cosine...
A unit of luminance equal to 1/p candela per square centimeter. (l).
Obeying Lambert's cosine law.
lambertian emitter
An optical source that has a luminous distribution that is uniform for all directions.
lambertian source plane
In optics, a plane that emits a flux proportional to the cosine of the angle of the normal; dense opal glass is an example.
lambertian surface
A perfectly diffusing surface; the intensity of the light emanating in a given direction from any small surface component is proportional to the cosine of the angle of the normal to the surface. The...
lamellar grating
A grating with ridges of rectangular cross section, generally equal in width to the space between. This type of grating may be used as a beam divider.
Composed of layers.
laser micromass analysis
laser microprobe mass spectrometry
lamp -> light source
The generic term applied to all sources of visible radiation from burning matter to ionized vapors and lasers, regardless of the degree of excitation.
lamp housing
A device designed to concentrate and direct a light source by enclosing the source in it and using a concave reflector to direct the light through its only opening.
local area network
In a CD-ROM disc, the reflective area between nonreflective pits representing a binary-language "off'' as opposed to the "on'' signals of the land-to-pit and pit-to-land transitions.
landolt band
A dark band that may appear in the field of crossed Nicol prisms with a powerful source such as the sun because the light is not strictly parallel and is not extinguished immediately.
landolt ring
A broken circle used as the test object in distinguishing visual acuity. The width of the gap in the circle is equal to the breadth of the black line and one-fifth the circle diameter. Also known as...
Langmuir dark space
A nonluminous area around a negatively charged probe that is inserted into the positive column of an arc or glow discharge.
Langmuir-Blodgett technique
A method of depositing crystalline films one molecular layer at a time, by dipping the substrate into water containing a polymer that forms a single layer of molecular chains on the surface. This...
low-altitude navigation and targeting infrared at night
A metal tool used to grind lenses with loose abrasive (see diamond cutting tool). The functional surface of the lap is carefully formed to be opposite the curve to be produced on the glass (concave...
An endoscopic surgical instrument that includes a channel for the introduction of supplementary instruments.
Laplacian edge enhancement
Edge enhancement technique that accentuates all edge details in an image without discriminating as to spatial orientation.
1. The process of wearing down the surface of a softer material by rubbing it under pressure against the surface of a harder material that has been formed in the shape opposite to that desired on the...
lapping and polishing services
Lapping and polishing services involve specialized processes used to improve the surface finish and dimensional accuracy of components to meet specific requirements or standards. These services are...
laser ablation from rapidly exchanged sources
large-core fiber
Optical fiber with a large core, often a step-index fiber; "large'' is at times defined as greater than 85 µm.
laser radar intelligence acquisition technology
laser absorption spectrometer; light-activated switch; local alignment system
laser shock adhesion test
light-activated silicon-controlled rectifier
light-activated silicon-controlled switch
light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
laser ablation
Laser ablation is a process that involves the removal or erosion of material from a target surface using laser energy. This technique is widely used in various scientific, industrial, and medical...
laser absorption spectroscopy
An experimental research technique by which absorbed or unabsorbed radiation is analyzed in order to characterize and determine material properties, concentration as well as behavior under the...
laser active elements
Laser active elements typically refers to the substances or materials within a laser system that play a critical role in the amplification of light through the process of stimulated emission. These...

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