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multispectral scanner
An instrument used to record the emittance or reflectance of an object by scanning with discrete spectral resolution over a wide spectral band, or recording many discrete spectral bands...
multistripe array
A monolithic laser diode incorporating multiple coupled emitters.
Munsell Book Of Color
A collection of color samples arranged in charts according to equal visually spaced steps in Munsell hue, value and chroma.
Munsell chroma
Numerical scale of chroma devised by A.H. Munsell and exhibited in the Munsell Book of Color.
Munsell color system
Founded by professor Albert Munsell. In the field of colorimetry, the Munsell color system is a color space that identifies a given color based on three different color measurements. These...
Munsell hue
Numerical scale of hue devised by A.H. Munsell and exhibited in the Munsell Book of Color.
Munsell notation
Alphanumerical description of color according to Munsell hue, value and chroma.
Munsell value
Numerical scale of lightness devised by A.H. Munsell and exhibited in the Munsell Book of Color.
Murty interferometer
A form of shearing interferometer that contains a simple wedged (plane-parallel) glass plate with a nonzero optical path difference to create interference between split optical wavefronts. The...
mutual coherent function
A function that quantifies the performance degradation of coherent communications systems, imaging systems and all systems that rely on the spot size of a laser beam that has propagated along an...
E.I. duPont's trade name for a polyester film. The most practical beamsplitter for use beyond the 15-µm wavelength because of its high efficiency. It exhibits high visible transmission, allowing...
A vision defect commonly referred to as nearsightedness. The defective condition results when the image of a distant object is focused in front of the retina by the relaxed eye. It can be corrected...

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