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diSPIM Alignment Video - Applied Scientific Instrumentation

Video tutorial about diSPIM alignment with Jon Daniels.
  • Setting the Limit Magnets on the Microscope Stage
  • Overview of the Fine Alignment
  • Aligning the Beams and the Objectives
  • Aligning the Beams
  • Adjusting the Dichroics
  • Adjusting the Cameras
  • Re-Adjusting Everything
  • Adjusting the Collimators
  • Adjusting the Scanners
  • Going Live with the Fluorescent Bead Solution
  • Spiraling In Repeat All Adjustments Again
  • Lowering the SPIM Head to the Coverslip and Checking that the SPIM Head is Rotated Correctly
  • Piezo and Scanner Cross Calibration
  • Focusing and Aligning the Bottom Objective

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