100-µm Fiber-Coupled Module

DILAS Diodenlaser GmbH
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MAINZ, Germany, March 19, 2010 – Dilas has developed a high-brightness, conduction-cooled fiber-coupled diode laser module, based on diode laser bars, that provides up to 40-W output power from a 100-µm fiber core at 976 nm with a numerical aperture of <0.22.

Wall-plug efficiency of >40% ensures high power, brightness and power efficiency. The electrically isolated single-bar package measures 70 × 30 × 17 mm.

The laser power from the fiber-coupled module is delivered via a nondetachable fiber core which is terminated with a standard SMA 905 connector or a cleaved fiber end. With good heat removal via direct thermal contact, this industrial package is designed for a variety of uses ranging from fiber laser pumping to micromaterials processing to medical applications.

Published: March 2010
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