64-Channel YVX-657 TDC

Voxtel Inc.
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Voxtel Inc.’s plug-and-play YVX-657 time-to-digital (TDC) converter has 64 channels and provides <35-ps time resolution per channel.

Available immediately for delivery to OEM systems integrators, the processor has been designed for time-of-flight measurements for applications including time-correlated spectroscopy, flash laser detection and ranging, light detection and ranging, single-photon counting, dynamic light scattering/photon correlation spectroscopy, high-energy physics experiments, dynamic test of integrated circuits and hard drives, evaluation of high-speed data transfer in telecommunications, medical imaging and quantum cryptography.

The field-programmable gate array-based processor records the differential time of arrival between a reference time and a pulse arriving on any of the eight CMOS input channels or 64 LVDS channels, with <35 ps of timing jitter. Up to 65,535 32-bit time stamps can be recorded at a maximum input event rate of up to 125 million events per second for each channel.

Pulse pair resolution is 75 ns, measurement range is 13 ms, maximum input count rate is 12.5 MHz for the LVDS channels and 25 MHz for the CMOS channels, and minimum input pulse width is 8 ns FWHM.

The time stamps are stored in onboard memory before download to a PC through Gigabit Ethernet at a data rate of 100 MB/s or through an optional USB 2.0 interface.

The two operating modes are free-running/continuous and gated.

The product was designed for easy integration with silicon photomultiplier and single-photon-sensitive Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode detectors.

Published: July 2010
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