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CMOS SensorsThe QIS series of CMOS-based sensors from Gigajot Technology Inc. uses patented sensor architecture and pixel design to achieve low noise and enable accurate detection of individual photons of light.

The QIS products are capable of photon counting at room temperature while operating at full speed and achieving high dynamic range in small-pixel, high-resolution formats. With 5 to 10× read noise improvement over conventional small pixel image sensors, QIS enables imaging at ultralow light levels. The 16-MP GJ01611 utilizes a 1.1-μm pixel to achieve room temperature 0.19-e read noise and <0.09-e/s/pixel dark current. The 4-MP GJ00422 employs a 2.2-μm pixel and provides 0.27-electron read noise with a single-exposure high dynamic range of 100 dB.

The QIS series targets high-performance imaging applications in science, medicine, defense, industry, and space.

Published: May 2021
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