Fiber Laser Welding Technology

Mitsubishi Cable Industries Ltd., Optical Components
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TOKYO, June 13, 2018 — Spatter Control Fiber Laser Welding TechnologyMitsubishi Electric Corp. and Tada Electric Co. have announced the joint development of a fiber laser welding technology that cuts flying molten metal (spatter) by 95 percent or more.

Whereas conventional spatter levels can lower the quality and speed of fiber laser welding, the new low-spatter technology raises the welding quality and productivity of high-power fiber laser welding for industrial applications, such as steel processing, automobile production, and electrical equipment installations.

Welding speed does not need to be lowered to suppress spatter, so the system's 10-kW high-power fiber laser can weld at twice the speed of a conventional system when welding material of the same thickness.

Published: June 2018
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