Global-Shutter CMOS Camera

Imaging Solutions Group
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Imaging Solutions Group LightWise AllegroThe new LightWise Allegro camera from Imaging Solutions Group of New York Inc. features the Sony IMX250 Pregius global-shutter CMOS sensor.

Available in color or monochrome versions, the camera features 2464 × 2056-pixel resolution (5.1 MP) and can run at up to 100 fps in 12-bit mode or 150 fps in 8-bit mode. It incorporates triggers and strobes, analog and digital gain control, auto-exposure, and region-of-interest and binning capabilities. Features include the ISG Image Pipeline, a large on-board field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and 256 MB of extra memory.

The cameras is suited for integration and support the USB 3.0 Vision standard. It is designed for machine vision and microscopy.

Published: May 2015
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