Greenhouse Light Sensor Module

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EMERYVILLE, Calif., Nov. 8, 2017 — Greenhouse Light Sensor ModuleThe smartPAR Light Sensor Module from LumiGrow Inc. is an integrated light sensor for the horticultural lighting industry.

The device offers advanced lighting control as a fully automated solution. Greenhouse growers can ensure their crops experience near-perfect lighting conditions year-round, regardless of changes in season, climate or inefficiencies in greenhouse infrastructure. The sensor technology plugs into existing LumiGrow Pro Series or Pro Series E fixtures, then connects to a smartPAR Wireless Control System to begin automating lighting strategy. Once connected, the smartPAR Light Sensor Module measures ambient sunlight within the greenhouse and adjusts LumiGrow lighting to hit the crop’s ideal daily light integral goals.

LumiGrow LED fixtures can also be adjusted for spectrum, intensity and photoperiod to elicit further beneficial plant characteristics through even more advanced spectral strategies.

Published: November 2017
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