Laser Diode Driver

Portable Power Systems Inc.
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Laser Diode DriverThe PPS-75-55OEMDP from Portable Power Systems Inc. is a microprocessor-controlled OEM laser diode driver capable of pulsing a laser diode, bar or array at up to 75 V, at 55 A.

The unit generates pulses from 25 uSeconds up to 400 uSeconds in 1- uSecond increments and can be pulsed from 1 Hz to 1 KHz in 1-Hz increments.

The PPS-75-55OEMDP has 3 trigger modes:  internal, external and gate trigger. A connector supplies a sync signal, current monitor and an optional Q TTL signal. Parameters are selected using the RS232 port with a serial program such as RealTerm or HyperLink. Data is displayed every 4 s and there are 16 memory locations where 16 different parameters can be stored and recalled.

The PPS-75-55OEMDP automatically stores the last parameter at which it was operated when turned off. The driver features an interlock for coolant and a remote interlock.

Published: July 2017
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