Neutron Imaging System

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Neutron Imaging System Neutronic [i] from Photonis USA Inc. is a neutron imaging system that provides both high-resolution and high-detection efficiency when compared to traditional scintillator-based neutron imaging systems.

The Photonis Neutronic [i] supports both still and video images using either cold or thermal neutron imaging techniques, making it ideal for physics research, neutron scattering, neutron tomography and nondestructive testing applications. It offers <50-μm spatial resolution combined with high-detection efficiency of 50 percent cold neutron or 70 percent thermal neutron imaging, offering significant improvement over scintillator-based systems.

Neutronic [i] is a complete imaging system, equipped with a 100 × 100-mm MCP from Photonis and with NeuView technology applied from Nova Scientific for neutron sensitivity. The system also houses a vacuum chamber, high-voltage power supply and controller. The Neutronic [i]can provide actionable images in under two hours, a significant improvement over existing systems that require multiple hours to capture and process images.

Published: November 2017
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