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OCEAN FX Spectrometers

Ocean Insight
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OCEAN FX SpectrometersThe Ocean FX is a versatile spectrometer with acquisition speed up to 4,500 scans per second, onboard processing for improved SNR and reduced data transfer time, and robust communications via USB, SPI, Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Ocean FX is an excellent choice for high-speed process applications, measurement of fast events, and reaction monitoring. Ocean FX is available in application-ready, custom and OEM spectrometer configurations.

The spectrometer can be integrated into other devices as a component, subassembly or turnkey solution. Ocean FX is ideal for UV-Vis applications in food and agriculture, where acquisition speed helps with food sorting and processing; biomedical sciences, especially for absorbance measurements requiring enhanced UV sensitivity; rapid events measurements including flicker and fast color cycling in LEDs; and security and authenticity, where added communication interfaces enable simpler point-of-use instruments.

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