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Prism CouplerThe Window Puck from Luminated Glazings LLC is an injection-molded, circularly symmetric prism coupler for the creation of light guides out of light-transmissive substrates.

The Window Puck features an LED and its associated heat sink. Face coupling enables the creation of light guides from existing window installations where the edges of the window are inaccessible. The geometry of the prism optic bends the light emitted from the LED into elevation angles suitable for total internal reflection within the window when the output face of the prism optic is refractively coupled to the window. More than one Window Puck can do so, and they can be discreetly incorporated into glass clamps like those used to support glass facades, barriers, railings, and other such areas.

Due to the circular symmetry of the LED and optic, all 360° of azimuthal angles are coupled into the window, allowing light to travel through the interior of the window via total internal reflection in directions away from the center of the optic without spatial illumination effects. Applications include automotive windshield rain detectors, illuminated graphics, light shows, touchscreens, and more.

Published: October 2018
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