Sensor Database

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Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed a high-performance sensor database for fast storage, searches and aggregation of sensor data used in the Internet-of-Things era.

The database enables sensor data to be used quickly for maintaining roads, railways and other infrastructure, as well as monitoring factories and managing energy use in buildings and homes. It has the capacity to process up to 100 trillion data items such as 3D laser sensor measurements on and around roads 200,000 km in length, or sensor data accumulated in a factory over a three-year period.

The database reduces search and aggregation time to a range of 1/10 to 1/1000 of current levels through the optimization of data compression. Input-output data traffic was reduced by selecting compression patterns from more than 700 combinations. Compressed data was arranged in storage blocks to reduce input/output time, while data was processed in cache memory to enhance parallel processing. A single sensor is used with one or two CPUs and 4 GB of main memory.

Mitsubishi Electric is a manufacturer of electrical and electronic products and systems used in the air conditioning, automotive, infrastructure, networking, semiconductor, energy, transportation and visual information fields.

Published: February 2016
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