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Simplify The Control of Complex Laser Scanning Jobs

Delta Tau Data Systems Inc. (part of Omron Automation - IL)
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Delta Tau's New laser Galvanometer InterfaceDelta Tau’s new laser galvanometer interface for its Power PMAC motion controllers simplifies and improves controls for laser scanning applications — including laser marking, PCB processing, micromachining and medical device manufacturing.

The interface is based on the laser industry’s XY2-100 communication standard. It allows a single motion controller running a unified program to take over every aspect of a laser scanning process.

The interface’s single-controller architecture makes for easier programming. Rather than writing, troubleshooting and maintaining several distinct chunks of controller code, the Power PMAC with XY2-100 interface needs just one program for all the positioning tasks. That same program also controls laser power on-the-fly through PMAC’s PWM outputs.

The combined control system executes a single motion program that positions the galvo mirrors in the laser scanner and the x-y position of a scanner or workpiece. Delta Tau’s spectral decomposition algorithms coordinate the galvo actuator’s high-frequency movements and the x-y positioning actuators. Speed improvements from this control system can be significant in applications that require frequent positioning of the laser scanning head in relation to the work piece.

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