Switchable Beam Delivery

SPI Lasers UK Ltd.
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Switchable Beam DeliveryThe variMODE switchable beam delivery feature from SPI Lasers UK Ltd. is available on their 3- to 10-kW high-power CW fiber lasers.

variMODE allows users to tailor their fiber laser system for the optimization of beam characteristics specific to their application, whether that be cutting, welding, or piercing. Based on an internal device that modifies the spatial modes in the delivery fiber, this feature maintains its laser output through the central core of the delivery fiber, removing the need for complex and expensive additional optical components. It also ensures that maximum power is maintained across the beam profile, regardless of the chosen mode.

Two modes address a wide range of materials processing applications. A low-beam parameter product mode profile is designed for the fast cutting of thin metals, especially bright highly reflective ones, as well as high-speed, high-quality piercings in thick sheets. A high-beam parameter product mode produces smooth-cut edges at quick speeds when cutting thick metal sheets, especially mild steel.

Published: December 2019
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