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TAG Inspector: High Speed 3D Inspection

Tag Optics Inc.
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TAG Inspector: High Speed 3D InspectionTAG Optics’ Inspector is a state-of-the-art high-resolution digital microscope designed for telecentric inspection. It has the unique ability to image complex geometries without the need for multiple detectors or sub-system assemblies. The Inspector is capable of providing independent, electronic control over imaging depth without changing f-number or sacrificing resolution. Additionally, it is the first device capable of imaging multiple user selectable focal planes simultaneously, making it ideal for Go/No-Go inspection. The Inspector was designed with the spirit and versatility of a digital microscope but is geared towards demanding high-quality industrial applications.

The heart of the system is a combination of the world's fastest varifocal lens, the award winning TAG Lens™ with high-resolution, long-working distance, telecentric inspection objectives. Integrated with a nanosecond resolution pulsed light source, a high speed camera, and analysis software, the Inspector has the unique ability to image volumes nearly 100 times the native depth of field of standard telecentric inspection stations, while maintaining the native lateral resolution.

Thanks to specialized algorithms that leverage the Inspector’s unique physical and optical characteristics, users obtain precise 3-D quantitative and qualitative information about the inspected part such as surface finish, defects, and relative height measurements. Thanks to its high resolution, novel modes of operation, and simple single camera assembly, the TAG Optics Inspector is uniquely position for today’s demanding industrial environments. Simple to install, it serves as a key quality assurance tool for manufacturing facilities ranging from high-throughput manufacturing lines to high precision manual assembly processes.


   •  Fully Integrated Inspection System for industrial in-line environments
   •  World’s fastest focusing lens
   •  Unprecedented non-mechanical Z axis control · Inspection of multiple unique focal planes in real-time
   •  Capable of live extended depth of field (EDOF) images
   •  Wide range of objective choices (1X, 3X, 5X, 10X)

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