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by Lasestat Unlimited Ltd
TALLAHASSEE, Fla., April 1, 2017 — While laser tattoo removal has been around the block a few times, there is a new metaphorical kid on that block.  Lasestat Unlimited Ltd. has developed a new laser-based solution for restoring removed tattoos to their former glory.  In response to the Q-switched laser method of tattoo removal, Lasestat has created the new Q&A-Switched laser as a way of re-undoing past mistakes.

    Starting in 2009, Lasestat began research into the possibility of reversing tattoo removal when approached by a regretful client. The client had divorced from his third wife, Dorothy, before enduring a series of laser treaments to elminate the large "DOROTHY" scrawled across his chest.  The removal was a success and he was satisfied until he met, and began dating, another woman named Dorothy.  At this point, the client was desperate to restore the ornately scripted "DOROTHY" to his chest, as the original artwork was quite stunning.  Lasestat responded by putting their inaugural patient through a grueling sequence of highly experimental, often controversial treatments lasting some 8 years.  Finally, in early 2017, Lasestat Unlimited Ltd.'s new Q&A-Switched laser system was successful and the client's tattoo had been restored to its peak grandeur.  Unfortunately for the patient, his Dorothy left him two years into the eight-year treatment, but Lasestat is confident that this is an atypical response.

    The creation of the Q&A-Switched laser system opens a whole new world of tattoo removal restorations.  Even though the restorations are more painful than either the original tattoo or its removal, the benefits are very promising.  Lasestat believes that, within ten years, they will be able to redesign past tattoos as part of their restoration.  This will allow patients to update their ink from "DOROTHY" to "APRIL" or even from a smiling, playful dolphin to a stern, unapologetic monkey.

Published: April 2017
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