Industrial Dictionary Terms

hero experiments
Laboratory experiments that focus on demonstrating new capabilities of a certain technology or device, usually without consideration of industrial or commercial practicality.
grenz rays
The soft x-rays used in the industrial radiography of materials having too small a range of densities to produce an image...
computer-integrated manufacturing
The use of computer systems for monitoring and controlling industrial production.
neutron radiography
The nondestructive analysis and recording of industrial components based on the absorption of relatively low-energy neutrons...
aberration sensor (wavefront sensor)
Designed for the function of optical wavefront analysis. Shack-Hartmann camera aberration sensors use a lens array to image...
pyroelectric infrared detector
Unlike the thermocouple or bolometer, the pyroelectric infrared detector is a current source with an output proportional to...
automatic optical inspection
A system for automatic industrial process control or measurement, consisting of an optical module for image acquisition, a...
programmable logic controller (PLC)
In computerized industrial process control, the element that determines the choice and sequence of operations dependent on...
thermoplastic film
A type of holographic film widely used for industrial applications because it is inexpensive and erasable.
alignment laser
A laser, usually employing helium-neon or other gases as the active medium, used for alignment in industrial applications.
process control
The collection and analysis of data relevant to monitoring the rate and quality of industrial production, either...

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