Optimizing Ultrafast Coatings for Varied Lasers and Applications

Feb 14, 2024
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About This Webinar
There are tens of different types of lasers in the market manufactured by hundreds of companies worldwide for thousands of different applications. As the system design requirements come from the application side, lasers are optimized for specific applications. Lasers usually consist of tens of coated optical components which must be optimized according to application, as there’s no one-fits-all solution when it comes to optical coatings. This leads to needing different coating technologies to enhance a specific set of coating characteristics that are needed for applications.

Plenty of industrial laser applications, such as laser micromachining, are moving towards higher laser powers and shorter pulse durations that enable smoother and more effective laser cuts. This creates many challenges for optical coatings manufacturers related to laser-induced damage threshold, coatings degradation, group delay dispersion compensation, and control.

*** This presentation premiered during the 2024 Photonics Spectra Optical Coatings Summit. For more information on Photonics Media conferences and summits, visit

About the presenter

Lukas CeizarisLukas Ceizaris is a chief marketing officer at OPTOMAN, a laser optics manufacturer. He holds a master’s degree in management engineering from the Politecnico di Milano University in Italy and a bachelor’s degree in physics from Vilnius University in Lithuania.

Ceizaris started his career in an optical coatings lab, having hands-on experience with magnetron and ion beam sputtering technologies. Among other responsibilities, he is responsible for strategic new product development projects management at OPTOMAN following the statement that with great laser power comes great responsibility for coaters.
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