When Precision Matters: New Applications of Air Bearing Motion Systems

Mar 6, 2024
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About This Webinar
Air bearing motion systems are essential in many tests and production applications where ultra-high precision, cleanliness, and reliability matter. In the contemporary landscape of advanced production and testing equipment, the need for highly reliable, efficient, and precise motion control is more critical than ever. Prominent sectors, such as silicon photonics test and manufacturing, semiconductor metrology, optics, aerospace, and medical engineering, demand cutting-edge motion and positioning solutions. While traditional motion systems based on crossed-roller- and ball bearings have contributed significantly to progress, certain limitations persist. Introducing Air Bearing Motion Systems. This webinar delves into motion systems utilizing air bearings, uniquely designed for precision automation and metrology.

Applications of Air Bearing Motion Systems

Key Takeaways
  • Understanding the Basics: What are air bearings? Dive deep into the underlying principles behind this transformative technology.
  • Comparative Analysis: Learn how air bearings stack up against traditional motion systems, evaluating the pros and cons of each, considering factors like geometric performance, speed, load, and environment.
  • Applications in Focus: Discover real-world applications where air bearing motion systems shine, including the latest generation of micro-LED and semiconductor manufacturing, tomography systems, and ultra-fast photonics alignment automation.
  • Future Trajectories: Learn about emerging trends and advancements in the realm of air bearing technology.

*** This presentation premiered during the 2024 Photonics Spectra Positioning Equipment Summit. For more information on Photonics Media conferences and summits, visit

About the presenter

Nikta JalayerNikta Jalayer is PI LP’s director of business development for performance automation. She holds master's degrees in electrical engineering and bio-medical engineering. Jalayer has a decade of experience in the motion industry and has played a pivotal role in driving the development of precision motion and automation technologies across various fields of applications.
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