Cancer Detection, Plant Growth and Fermentation: New Applications in Raman Spectroscopy

Apr 17, 2024
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About This Webinar
Although nearly one hundred years old, Raman spectroscopy remains the basis for revolutionary applications in various industries. From pharmaceuticals to defense, Raman is a powerful approach that utilizes light scattering to identify chemicals swiftly and accurately with little to no sample preparation.

In medicine, Raman spectroscopy shows promise in differentiating tissue abnormalities – separating cancerous and benign cells, paving the way for earlier and more effective treatments. In agriculture, Raman spectroscopy provides valuable insights into plant health, detecting stressors without causing harm and shedding light on stress response mechanisms. Raman spectroscopy is also being utilized in wineries and breweries, where it is employed to monitor fermentation dynamics, such as alcoholic content and pH, in real time, ensuring consistent quality in every batch.

Allen explores these real-world applications of Raman spectroscopy and sees how Raman spectroscopy is making an impact in diverse industries. Each application presentation will end with extensions to other types of samples and industries. For example, the quality control measurements for wineries and breweries are similar to those used to track bacterial cell growth in the biopharmaceutical method. This webinar will give you new information and examples to apply Raman to your sample analysis.

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About the presenter

Michael AllenMichael Allen, Ph.D., is the vice president of products and marketing for Metrohm Spectro, Inc. He received his doctorate in bio-analytical chemistry from the University of Kansas and was a post-doctoral researcher at Louisiana State University. A spectroscopist by academic training, Allen has spent over 20 years in various roles bring together instrumentation, software, and analytical chemistry. He has led and participated in teams that have developed and launched over a dozen instruments in the spectroscopy, chromatography, and life science analyzer markets.

Allen has a passion for making analytical tools accessible and useful to the market, with a focus on helpful answers. This practical approach resulted in products like the Metrohm Profiler-F for total fluorine PFAS analysis and the NanoDrop Lite for nucleic acid analysis. Most recently, his efforts are focused on the laser, component spectrometer and Raman instruments from Metrohm and the development of the m-oem business to bring these components to OEM customers globally.
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