RCM-OCT Enhances Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Guidance Through Hand-Held Imaging

Oct 25, 2022
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About This Webinar
Advancements in optical imaging in recent years have enabled faster and more reliable noninvasive assessment of skin lesions, especially of basal cell carcinomas. Among various technologies, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) have shown substantial promise in this area. While RCM provides submicron-scale resolution and thus enables identification of cancer-related epithelial changes, OCT imaging of the same lesion brings the benefit of better resolving its depth of invasion. Although RCM and OCT can be used individually for diagnosis, their combined use has shown to provide certain benefits such as improved characterization of the lesion’s margins, both in depth and laterally, with increased sensitivity and specificity. These are key aspects in guiding various therapeutic approaches. Iftimia discusses the development and use of a novel hand-held RCM-OCT probe in guiding therapy on patients with head and neck nonmelanoma skin cancers. Preliminary evaluation has confirmed the benefit of combined.

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About the presenter
Nick IftimiaNick Iftimia is an experienced area manager at Physical Sciences Inc. in Andover, Mass., leading the Biomedical Optics Technologies group, which is well-known for developing novel optical biomedical diagnostic devices and imaging technologies. He has over twenty 20 years of experience in research in both industrial and academic environments, leading large programs, mostly related to cancer diagnosis and therapy guidance. He works with clinicians from various hospitals across the country and with national and international collaborators in biomedical imaging. His focus is on transitioning projects from idea to prototype, and then to product through thorough project planning and execution.
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