Enhancing E-Mobility Manufacturing ROI Using Real-Time Weld Quality Measurement

Jan 9, 2023
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IPG Photonics Corporation
About This Webinar
E-Mobility is a critical component of the solution to the global environmental crises. However, the sophistication of e-mobility welding processes has introduced new challenges to manufacturers, particularly with respect to increasing the production yield of high-value parts. Costs of parts often accrue at significant multipliers as they advance along the manufacturing process. If defects are not identified early, scrapping these parts can be costly and wasteful. In some cases, undetected latent defects can reach end-customers leading to brand and reputational damage, and of course vehicle safety concerns.

Inline Coherent Imaging (ICI) is a patented technology that uses interferometry to obtain real-time measurements and 3D images of the part before, during and after the welding process. This measurement system gives manufacturers the ability to receive actionable QA/QC data on process outcomes. By monitoring every weld in real-time, e-mobility producers can better control their welding process leading to significant return-on-investment through lower defect rates and improved cycle times.

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About the presenter

Paul WebsterPaul Webster completed his doctorate at Queen's University at Kingston, Canada in 2012. During his degree, he developed the weld depth measurement technology underpinning the LDD Inline Process Monitor. After graduation, he became the founder and CTO of Laser Depth Dynamics for five years before it was acquired by IPG Photonics in 2017 where he continues to be responsible for the LDD product.
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