How Can I Build a Microscopy System for Optogenetics?

Nov 12, 2015
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About This Webinar
Optogenetics – the buzz word of the millennium! - a technique that uses light to activate or inhibit cellular activities and has increasingly gained popularity in the last five years. Most researchers are interested in using this technique, but are apprehensive about the set-up and not sure where to start. In this webinar, we hope to educate users about optogenetics and its applications. In addition, we will describe how a user can setup their own system to utilize this powerful technique in their own research laboratory.

Kavita AswaniDr. Kavita Aswani is the Senior Applications Scientist for the Life Sciences products at Excelitas Technologies. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and has 7 years of scientific research experience and over 15 years of applications experience in the microscopy and fluorescence industry. Kavita has authored and reviewed several publications as well as journal articles. She has worked in the areas of widefield illumination microscopy, laser scanning microscopy and flow cytometry. She is an active member of the Society for Neuroscience and the Royal Microscopical Society.

Ryan GeilRyan Geil completed his undergraduate work in Biology at Wilfrid Laurier University, followed by a Masters degree in Botany at the University of Guelph. After graduating, he worked at both of these institutions as a Research Assistant and a Laboratory Manager.
Ryan joined Quorum Technologies in 2005 and has served many roles there including Service and Support Technician, Product Manager, Advanced Systems Sales Specialist, Service Manager.
He has extensive experience with spinning disk technology and other advanced imaging techniques. Ryan has been directly involved in implementing over 30 advanced spinning disk solutions across Canada.
He is very experienced in understanding research goals and designing and implementing solutions to achieve those goals.

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