Fiber Solutions in 0.3 to 16µm Range Enable Specialized Biomedical Applications

Oct 25, 2023
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About This Webinar
Fiber solutions for biomedical applications in the 0.3-16µm range include those utilized for multispectral diagnostics to define tumor margins and to detect osteoarthritis. IR-endoscopes and unique fiber catheters have been designed for laser angioplasty and they are used to recanalize arteries blocked by plaques.

Generally, the composition of tissue and bioliquids can be analyzed by several spectroscopic methods including reflection and transmission, fluorescence, and Raman scattering. Spectroscopy enables real-time label-free chemical and structural evaluation of tissues and bioliquids for medical diagnostics ex-vivo in real time or in-situ and in-vivo. Fiber-optic probes provide flexible, sterilizable, and compact solutions for simultaneously analyzing tissue samples with several spectroscopic modalities. These probes are composed of various materials, some are drawn from silica and IR-glasses, and PIR-fibers are extruded from AgCl:AgBr crystals and by hollow glass waveguides. Recent results are presented on the development of multispectral combi-fiber probes for biomedical applications.

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About the presenter

Viacheslav ArtyushenkoViacheslav (Slava) Artyushenko, Ph.D., was born in 1954 and got his doctorate in physics of solid state in 1981 with a focus on his pioneering development of the unique technology of polycrystalline fibers for MIR-range: 3-18µm. His multiple publications and patents were devoted to specialty fiber optic technologies and their applications in laser surgery and diagnostics as well as in process-spectroscopy and fiber optic sensing.

In 1998, Artyushenko founded art photonics GmbH in Berlin. It is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of various fibers, cables, bundles, and spectroscopy probes used in a very broad spectral range, 0.3-16µm, for industrial, medical, scientific, and other applications. He and art photonics GmbH participate in many European Union and national projects, and they are members of EPIC, CPACT, SPIE, OSA, SAS, SPECTARIS, Optec-BB, Photonics-BB, GDCh-DECHEMA, and CLIRSPEC.
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