A Thermally Tuned PIC with External Light Coupling: Design and Layout

Oct 23, 2018
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About This Webinar
Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are becoming increasingly important in many areas, including communications, remote sensing, and medical applications.

Designers active in this field rely on simulation to study and optimize a circuit, even before the prototype stage. Simulating such circuits can be challenging due to their large size in relation to the wavelength of interest and need for multiphysics simulation. Another important challenge in all PICs is efficiently coupling external light into the chip. The two major methods are surface coupling and edge coupling.

In this eSeminar, Dr. Ali Kabiri from 4Catalyzer will present how a diffraction grating coupler for surface coupling can be designed and optimized using a combination of Luceda Photonics IPKISS and CST Studio Suite. High-performance computation is used to speed up simulation of the ultralarge simulation domain and find the optimum performance.

This eSeminar will also show how parameters characterizing active devices, such as a thermally tuned ring resonator, can be automatically extracted from simulation using a similar workflow.

About the presenters:
Dr. Ali Kabiri, Lead Designer, 4Catalyzer Inc.Dr. Ali Kabiri is currently the lead of photonics design at 4Catalyzer Inc. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo department of electrical engineering and computer sciences in 2010 on metamaterial and its application on microwave frequencies. He performed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University at the School of Applied Sciences and Engineering (SEAS), where his main research areas were in nanoplasmonics and nanophotonic structures and optical metamaterials at visible wavelength. He is a member of The Optical Society (OSA) and a technical reviewer for several journals.

Pierre Wahl, Ph.D., co-founder, Luceda PhotonicsPierre Wahl co-founded Luceda Photonics in 2014 where he is in charge of sales, support, and training operations. At Luceda, he trains and supports R&D teams of major corporations, research institutes, foundries, and universities in China, North America, and Europe. He completed his Ph.D. in optoelectronics at the Free University of Brussels and Stanford University on ultralow energy optical interconnects in 2014. Wahl obtained his master’s degree in photonics from the University of Ghent and the Free University of Brussels in 2010. He has co-authored multiple journal publications and delivered various talks around specialized design, simulation, and optimization techniques used in integrated photonics.

Frank Scharf, Ph.D., SIMULIA Technical Sales DirectorFrank Scharf is a SIMULIA technical sales director with a focus on optical applications. Scharf obtained his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany. During his graduate studies, he focused on modeling and simulating the plasma sheath in high-intensity discharge lamps. He joined CST in 2008 and transferred to CST of America in 2009.

Who should attend:
Photonics design engineers, photonics research engineers, R&D hardware engineers, and PIC development engineers will learn from this in-depth overview on how to design thermally tuned PICs. You will learn about the scope of CST Studio Suite and how you can benefit from its use.

SIMULIA is a market leader in providing 3D EM field simulation tools that enable users to explore real-world behavior of product, nature and life. Its solutions, offered through a global network of sales and support staff and representatives, are used globally by market leaders in a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, health care, and telecommunications.
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