Affordable, Low-Profile Solutions for Gas Sensing

Sep 8, 2022
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Presented by
VIGO Photonics
About This Webinar
Brian Sanders and Alfred Mottola of VIGO Photonics share the latest advancements in infrared (IR) detectors for the gas sensing market. These detectors are able to be deployed in small form factor solutions across multiple industries while remaining cost-effective. Sanders and Mottola highlight several of the methodologies that can be used for gas sensing and explain the different types of gas that can be detected using the various methods.

Who should attend:
R&D scientist and engineers who work with or design gas sensing detectors and infrared detecting. Those working in test and measurement or quality control who use imaging, laser systems, and spectroscopy in industries such as aerospace, automotive, biophotonics, defense, energy, medicine, or environmental research. Anyone who is interested in low-profile solutions and different methods of gas sensing.


About the presenters:
Brian Sanders is senior business development manager at VIGO Photonics USA and has over 20 years of experience in technology sales, including infrared, fiber optic, photonics applications, and software sales. He has a background in lithium niobate (LiNbO3) external modulators and other long-haul telecom components, semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs), IR imaging systems for Department of Defense and Homeland Security applications, and IR detectors. He has experience in sales, large account management, product marketing management, and customer service. He takes pride in working with integrity and high energy to develop customer loyalty and long-term partnerships. He has received degrees in both laser electro-optics technology and business.

Alfred Mottola is senior business development manager at VIGO Photonics USA and is on a path to help grow it as the leading IR detector company in the United States. He earned degrees in both electrical engineering and electro-mechanical engineering. Mottola has over 40 years of experience in the photonics industry, holding positions as an electro-optic design engineer, applications engineer, product manager, sales manager, marketing manager, and senior business development manager. He has also authored and co-authored various articles for trade journals and has helped grow Princeton Instruments and Andor Technology USA from basement operations to multimillion dollar companies.


About VIGO Photonics: 
VIGO Photonics offers infrared detectors and modules for the gas/chemical sensing, defense, medical, and transportation markets, with multiple materials optimized for applications across the midwave infrared to longwave infrared range.

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