Beam Shaping: The Next Step for Ultrashort-Pulse-Laser-Based Processes

Jul 16, 2020
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About This Webinar
The use of ultrashort pulse (USP) lasers in industrial processes for electronic, watch and jewelry, medical, glass, automotive, and aerospace is growing, thanks to the high standard of quality that can be achieved. For widespread industrial use of USP lasers to be realized, however, two key challenges need to be solved: The yield has to strongly increase for the process to be cost-effective, and improvement in quality will lead to the processing of new materials and the development of new markets.

This webinar will present how beam shaping can solve these two challenges, and how multi-plane light conversion (MPLC) can achieve yield and quality improvement while being compatible with industrial setups.

Attendees will learn how beam shaping improves several applications:
  • Yield of surface texturing for deep blackening with a high aspect ratio line top-hat.
  • Yield of molybdenum over steel decoating with highly homogenous beam splitting.
  • High-speed glass cutting with high-quality Bessel beams.
  • Conicity improvement of metal percussion drilling with square and round top-hats.
About the presenter:
Gwenn Pallier, product line manager, Cailabs.Gwenn Pallier is product line manager at Cailabs. She joined the company in 2019 to work on laser-based material processing applications and products, including a broad range of applications from high-power to ultrashort pulse laser applications. She focuses on developing the product line to best match the market needs, paying close attention to what is actually needed to improve all processes. She holds an M.Sc. in optical engineering from the Institute of Optics in Paris, which she obtained in 2010, as well as an M.Sc. in fusion sciences from the École Polytechnique and a B.Sc. in fundamental physics from the University of Paris-Sud. She has worked previously in optics manufacturing, in aerospace, and with lasers.

Who should attend:
  • End users of USP laser-based machines in fields such as electronic, watch and jewelry, medical, glass, automotive, and aerospace, who are looking for quality and/or yield improvement of their processes.
  • Machine manufacturers who want to have a key differentiator from their competitors by providing industrial machines with innovative and robust beam shaping.
  • All application laboratories and academic laboratories that are looking for complex beam shaping, new solutions for current projects, or partners for new projects.
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