Biophotonic Tools for Diagnosing and Treating Eye Disease

May 17, 2017
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About This Webinar
The development of new blood vessels plays a pivotal role in the leading causes of blindness, including macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. These conditions affect millions of people around the world and are rapidly increasing in prevalence. Retinal laser therapy was developed more than 50 years ago and has had a profound and lasting impact on the treatment of these diseases. Significant advances have been achieved in laser technology and the molecular understanding of laser–tissue interactions to improve the treatment of patients and to improve our diagnosis and monitoring of the eye.

In this webinar, Yannis M. Paulus, M.D., will discuss novel biophotonics tools and techniques for diagnosing and treating eye diseases, including retinal laser therapies and imaging. He will present significant advances in selective, reproducible retinal laser therapy. He will also discuss Photo-Mediated Ultrasound Therapy (PUT), a novel approach using a low intensity laser concurrently with ultrasound to selectively treat blood vessels.

Yannis Paulus MD University of MichDr. Paulus will also speak on new imaging modalities in ophthalmology, including optical coherence tomography, photoacoustic imaging, handheld/smartphone based imaging, and molecular imaging. He will discuss how use of these techniques and technology can enable early diagnosis of disease and improved monitoring of response to treatment.

Yannis Paulus, M.D., is an academic vitreoretinal surgeon who directs an active lab developing novel retinal imaging and treatment systems. He completed his undergraduate in chemistry and physics at Harvard University, medical school and ophthalmology residency at Stanford University and a surgical retina fellowship at Johns Hopkins University Wilmer Eye Institute. His laboratory investigates photoacoustic microscopy, molecular imaging of the retina, photo-mediated ultrasound therapy (PUT), restorative laser therapy, and smartphone-based retinal photography. He is an assistant professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences and an assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center. Through his research, Dr. Paulus seeks to help physicians diagnose diseases earlier, improve treatment monitoring, and practice precision medicine tailored to each unique patient.
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