COTS to Custom: Using Microscope Objectives in OEM Products

Jun 6, 2024
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Presented by
Optikos Corporation
About This Webinar
David Biss of Optikos navigates the trade-offs that must be considered when developing the architecture of a microscope. In the vast expanse of life sciences, designing an OEM microscopy platform isn't a one-size-fits-all endeavor. This presentation delves into the common decision points and trade spaces encountered when designing a microscopy system. Biss investigates the pros and cons of implementing commercial off the shelf (COTS) and custom-designed objectives into OEM microscope systems, touching on considerations of performance, repeatability, price, scalability, and more. He explores the impact of system requirements, such as illumination, point scanning or wide-field imaging, fluorescence detection, and focus tracking, and also considers how they play into the demands of objective selection. He then addresses how sample handling impacts system performance, whether cuvette, flow cell, disposable chip, or other.

The webinar presents real-world examples of objective performance, highlighting how the choice of optics impacts imaging quality, resolution, and overall system characteristics. Participants will gain insights into the considerations that engineers, system architects, and managers must weigh when making decisions on optics to balance the convenience of COTS with the precision of custom-designed alternatives. Biss also touches on the critical role of optical metrology in characterizing the performance of a microscopy platform. Whether participants are developing a point-of-care instrument to be manufactured by the thousands or a high-throughput multiplexing robotic solution, or developing a bespoke research platform, this presentation clarifies the trade-offs of different objective types, provides decision guidance, and helps identify the questions that should be asked when developing a new microscopy system.

Who should attend:
Engineers, system architects, and managers who are interested in optics and microscopy. Those who use OEM products in their work. Those who utilize detectors, imaging, lasers, LEDs, microscopy, and spectroscopy in industries such as agriculture, biophotonics, cancer, medicine, and semiconductors.

About the presenter:
David Biss, Ph.D., is the optical engineering manager at Optikos Corporation, where he has spent the last 12 years in the engineering services department helping customers and clients solve various complex optical problems and challenges. His work at Optikos includes projects on microscopy, lidar applications, remote sensing, projection display systems, and more. Biss has more than 20 years of experience in the optics field, holds seven patents, and received his doctorate from the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester.

About Optikos Corporation:
Optikos develops and manufactures standard and custom metrology products for measuring lenses, camera systems, and ophthalmic components and offers flexible in-house IQ Lab testing and qualification services. The company's engineering teams provide expert design and volume manufacturing for optically based product development in any industry or application and offer customers the insight and expertise they need to help bring product concepts from idea to manufacture.

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