Designing Photonic Devices for Untrained Users

Jan 21, 2021
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About This Webinar
The food supply chain has grown more complicated over the past 50 years. The consumer may believe that the "farm fresh" sign in the market is true. But with the number of steps in the process to get food from the farm to the customer, both the retailer and the consumer have no way of knowing whether it is truly "farm fresh."

A food retailer can't afford the one- to five-day turnaround of a laboratory analysis if a distribution center is getting truckload after truckload of produce every five minutes. A much faster, more robust method is needed. Historically, optical spectroscopy has been used in food applications, but has faced a number of obstacles, including the need for a trained operator and the price point of adequately performing devices. Advancements in photonics make consumer spectroscopic devices possible, but there is also more need to understand the validity of the devices and what affects the analyses. In this presentation, Ellen V. Miseo discusses the drivers for a new approach, how the revolution in miniaturized optics is an enabling technology, and how traditional analytical chemistry, coupled with miniaturized optical platforms and cloud-based data analysis, can change the landscape. But only if you understand the chemistry!

***This presentation premiered during the 2021 Photonics Spectra Conference Spectroscopy track. For information on upcoming Photonics Media events, see our event calendar here.

About the presenter
Ellen MiseoEllen V. Miseo, Ph.D., has been involved in vibrational spectroscopy and instrument development her entire career. Originally trained as a physical chemist her primary interest is in new applications of spectroscopic techniques and infrared imaging. She has worked for instrument companies as well as run laboratory operations during her career in both the food and material science areas. Most recently she is the Chief Technical Officer for TeakOrigin, Inc. whose mission is to use spectroscopy in the food supply chain to determine quality and authenticity. Dr. Miseo is actively involved in a number of professional societies related to spectroscopy. She is currently the president of the Coblentz Society and served as the President-elect, President and Past President of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy between 2015 and 2017.
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