Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Optical Coatings but Were Afraid to Ask

Sep 26, 2019
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Presented by
North American Coating Laboratories
About This Webinar
Optical coating is a challenge for even the most well-established optical fabricators and custom coating providers. The field of optical coatings continues to evolve at a rapid pace, right along with the optics and photonics industry. Now more than ever, it is critical for you to be able to resolve coating issues quickly, cost-effectively, and with the best possible solution for your particular application.

In this interactive webinar, the technical experts at North American Coating Laboratories (NACL), led by NACL’s director of business development, Dan Fiore, will host a forum during which they will address your coating concerns and questions with detailed technical responses. The NACL panel will be prepared to answer your toughest coating questions and will cover common coating concerns as well as areas that are often overlooked.

When you complete the registration process for this webinar, please let us know what challenges you have faced or are facing currently with optical coatings. NACL will review all questions and prepare practical responses to a range of today’s most concerning coating issues. The panel will present its answers in detail during the webinar and give the audience ample time for additional Q&A.

Courtesy of North American Coating Laboratories.

Courtesy of North American Coating Laboratories.

About North American Coating Laboratories
North American Coating Laboratories provides coatings for a variety of customers in the polymer and glass optics markets. The company’s 45 years of experience in both dip and vacuum-applied processes make NACL one of the most respected organizations in the optical coatings field. NACL’s coating competencies include protective, scratch-resistant, reflective, antireflective, filter, conductive, ITO, chemically resistive, and infrared coatings among countless others. North American Coating Laboratories is an ISO 9001 certified organization that was founded in 1974.

Who should attend:
Optical engineers, optical designers, electrical and industrial engineers, managers, and executives whose organizations use optical coatings for defense, automotive, consumer, precision optics, scientific, industrial, and other sectors. Anyone who has a technical question about optical coatings is encouraged to submit the question and sign up for this webinar.


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