High-Power Diode Laser Solutions for Manufacturing Applications

Oct 9, 2019
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Sponsored by
RPMC Lasers Inc.
TOPTICA Photonics Inc.
SemiNex Corporation
About This Webinar
Diode laser technology offers a broad range of performance, with unmatched scaling of wavelength, power, and beam format. It is also available in a wide selection of formats, from single emitters to multikilowatt stacks to integrated laser systems for materials processing applications. As a result, diode lasers support an incredibly diverse field of applications, where the optimum diode laser solution can be quite specific for each application.

In this webinar Jörg Neukum from Coherent will discuss several key applications and how high-power diode laser solutions are optimized for each application. (For the purposes of this webinar, “high-power” is defined as sources emitting hundreds of watts up to multiple kilowatts). Also, you will learn how innovations ranging from corrosion-resistant cooling schemes to novel beam shaping optics enable diode laser manufacturers to continue to improve solutions that service these applications. The examples will be from a range of industries including automotive and medical devices, and will encompass processes such as brazing and soldering of metal parts, welding plastics, and additive manufacturing (e.g., cladding) of metal substrates.

This webinar is sponsored by RPMC Lasers Inc., the leading laser distributor in North America, offering a wide range of fiber coupled laser diodes up to 3kW. RPMC Lasers Inc. offers over 1500 different laser diodes and solid state lasers from leading technology manufacturers. 

This webinar is also sponsored by TOPTICA Photonics, a developer and manufacturer of high-end laser systems for scientific and industrial applications for 20 years. TOPTICA's portfolio includes diode lasers, ultrafast fiber lasers, terahertz systems, and frequency combs. It provides the widest wavelength coverage of diode lasers on the market. 

This webinar is also sponsored by SemiNex Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-power infrared laser diodes. In addition to bare die, they offer a wide variety of submounts, laser engines, and fiber-coupled devices up to 100W. SemiNex engineers are industry veterans able to provide assistance in order to meet customer requirements for infrared applications with custom or existing product lines. 

About the presenter:
Jörg Neukum, Ph.D., Director of Product Marketing, High-Power Diode Lasers, Coherent.Jörg Neukum, Ph.D., is director of product marketing for high-power diode lasers at Coherent. He studied physics at Technische Universität in Darmstadt, Germany, and obtained a doctorate in the field of rare-earth spectroscopy and laser design. Neukum has held several different positions within the high-power diode laser industry. He is based in Mainz, Germany.

Who should attend:
Anyone involved in the planning, purchase, implementation, and/or use of high-power diode lasers for the industrial, defense, display and projection, laser pumping, materials processing, medical, printing, and scientific markets. Also, anyone who wants to know more or has questions about high-power diode laser technology. 
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