Illuminating Ribonucleic Acids with Dye-Based Fluorescent Tools in Live Cells

Jan 22, 2021
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About This Webinar
Ribonucleic acids (RNAs) have central roles in cells across all domains of life, and understanding their functions critically relies on the continued development of diverse tools to visualize the dynamics of RNAs in live cells. To achieve fluorescent RNA tagging, fluorescent probes can be used to label RNA molecules in cells. Approaches to visualize RNAs with such fluorescent probes include the design of synthetic molecules that exhibit favorable fluorescence properties upon RNA binding, and the engineering of fluorophore/quencher pairs that exploit interaction with an RNA tag to induce a fluorescence signal.

Esther Braselmann and colleagues developed Riboglow, a dye-based RNA tagging platform. Riboglow consists of two parts: an RNA tag that is genetically fused to the RNA of interest, and a small molecule that consists of a synthetic fluorophore and a quencher connected by an organic linker. The Riboglow platform is modular, and systematic variation of probe features, the RNA tagging sequence, and RNA tag multiplexing allow the user to adapt the system for various desired applications. Braselmann presents an overview of the design and engineering of dye-based RNA tagging systems and introduces examples of cellular RNA visualization and tracking, with a special emphasis on the Riboglow system.

***This presentation premiered during the 2021 Photonics Spectra Conference Biomedical track. For information on upcoming Photonics Media events, see our event calendar here.

Esther Braselmann
Esther Braselmann
biomedical imagingRNAslive cellsfluorescence
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