Introducing the CAOS Smart Camera - Empowering Extreme Imaging

Apr 26, 2017
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About This Webinar
For applications such as security and surveillance, achieving true image scene pixel information is vital. This has led to an increasing demand for a smart camera that can achieve true vision through highly directional and adaptive image pixel sifting for specific regions with high-value targets.

The Coded Access Optical Sensor (CAOS) smart camera is a hybrid camera that works together with the CMOS/CCD/FPA sensors and computational imaging methods to extract smarter image information, including better spatial and spectral selectivity, faster speed, higher targeted pixel dynamic range and more diverse spectral bands.

Nabeel Riza, chair professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University College CorkIn this webinar, Nabeel A. Riza, Ph.D., Head of the School of Engineering (2013-2016) and Chair Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at University College Cork, will discuss the development of CAOS and how the CAOS sensor, working in unison with CMOS sensors, can smartly extract scene contrast pixel light intensity information using time-frequency coding of selected agile pixels. Riza will discuss the challenges to reaching extreme all-linear, instantaneous dynamic ranges with multicolor smart capture of targets of interest within extreme contrast images, and how CAOS addresses these challenges, working in unison with CMOS, CCD and focal plane array (FPA) camera sensors to extract previously unseen images. The webinar will include a demonstration of a version of the CAOS camera called the CAOS-CMOS camera, which has been built using Texas Instrument’s Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) spatial light modulator as the CAOS-mode time-frequency agile pixel encoder.

Who should attend:
engineers, scientists, researchers and technical professionals who may require or are interested in extreme contrast imaging.
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