Introduction to Display Metrology: Evaluating the Quality of Displays Using Scientific Systems and Methods

Nov 17, 2022
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Presented by
Radiant Vision Systems, Test & Measurement
About This Webinar
Display screens — on instruments ranging from smart devices to automotive displays to augmented and virtual reality headsets — influence the way individuals connect to the world. High-quality displays allow a device to fade from focus as users access information and experiences. However, visual imperfections and poor performance can cause the display to become a distraction. Quality expectations for display devices are high. For manufacturers, developing commercially viable display products requires applying accurate and efficient visual inspection methods to ensure quality that is in line with market demand.

Display metrology provides an objective understanding of a display’s visual performance through measurement data. Using scientific methods and equipment, a display metrology solution captures and assesses quantitative values of a display’s output. This output is measured as luminance, color, uniformity, contrast, and more. Display test systems range in their function, application, and unique advantages, and they are rapidly evolving to address measurement for never-before-seen display types, shapes, and integrations. Jessy Hosken, product manager at Radiant Vision Systems, introduces measurement equipment and techniques that are used by manufacturers in their labs and production lines to ensure high-quality display products.

Who should attend:
Engineers, technicians, scientists, consultants, managers, and others who use, design, build, or integrate display and light systems. Anyone involved in light applications who is interested in human-centric optical metrology and its industrial uses. Those who utilize displays, imaging, LEDs, and optical components in industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer, defense, machine vision, medicine, and semiconductors.

About the presenter:
Jessy Hosken is product manager at Radiant Vision Systems. She began her career at the company as an application engineer working directly with customers to support projects and the implementation of Radiant hardware and software technology. In her current role as part of the product management team, she oversees product lifecycles, which involves guiding, documenting, and communicating product development. Through her experience at Radiant, Hosken has developed a thorough understanding of light and color measurement using imaging colorimeters and sophisticated software tools. She has a passion for solving complex, interdisciplinary problems and working with cross-functional teams to ensure that Radiant continues to produce and ship industry-leading products to its global customers. Hosken received a bachelor’s degree in physics and STS (science, technology, and society) from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wash.

About Radiant Vision Systems:
Radiant Vision Systems engineers scientific imaging systems and software to critically evaluate light, color, and visual characteristics of displays and other illuminated components. Radiant’s test & measurement solutions are applied to inspect the quality of high-value devices ranging from smartphones to AR/VR headsets to automotive integrations. Leading manufacturers from all over the world, for whom thousands of Radiant cameras currently test millions of devices, rely on Radiant to ensure quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiency in design and production.

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