Lock-in Amplifier or Boxcar Averager? Choosing the Right Measurement Tool for Periodic Signals

Nov 2, 2023
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Presented by
Zurich Instruments AG
About This Webinar
When it comes to analyzing periodic signals, selecting the appropriate measurement tool is crucial for achieving accurate and meaningful results. Gustavo Ciardi of Zurich Instruments delves into the theory behind two powerful techniques, lock-in amplification and boxcar averaging, to help individuals make informed decisions in their measurement endeavors. Additionally, he shares how to gain a deeper understanding of the techniques’ strengths, weaknesses, and the scientific contexts in which they excel. He aims to empower attendees with the knowledge needed to maximize signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring the highest precision in measurements.

Ciardi focuses on turning theory into practice by discussing the theory behind lock-in-amplifiers and boxcar averagers and when and where to apply each technique effectively. He then addresses maximizing signal-to-noise ratio to discover strategies to optimize measurement that ensures the highest precision and clarity of results. Finally, he presents a live demonstration of the power of digital instruments to showcase real-time applications of both boxcar averaging and lock-in amplifiers. This demonstration shows how these tools can unlock valuable insights from periodic signals, making research more efficient and effective.

Who should attend:
Researchers, engineers, developers, and educators whose work involves analyzing periodic signals. Those who are interested in learning more about the lock-in amplifier or boxcar averaging techniques in industries such as biophotonics, energy, machine vision, nano photonics, semiconductor, or solar power. Anyone who utilizes metrology, fiber optics, laser systems, microscopy, optics, spectroscopy, and test & measurement in their work.

About the presenter:
Gustavo Ciardi, Ph.D., is an application scientist for optics and photonics at Zurich Instruments. He has a background in physics and specialized in ultrafast and multidimensional terahertz spectroscopy, earning his doctorate from the University of Zurich. At Zurich Instruments, Ciardi enjoys meeting customers to discuss their applications and help them find the best solution for their challenges.




About Zurich Instruments:
Zurich Instruments specializes in providing cutting-edge instrumentations for precise signal analysis. Their range of digital instruments includes lock-in amplifiers and boxcar averagers that are designed to optimize measurement techniques for periodic signals. With their tools, researchers and professionals can achieve enhanced signal clarity and maximize accuracy in their scientific endeavors.

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