Machine Vision for Industry

Sep 26, 2013
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About This Webinar
Machine Vision for Industry

Speakers include:

“Machine Vision:Today’s Trends & Tomorrow’s Challenges to Fulfill the Technical Demands”

Greg Hollows
Director of Machine Vision Solutions at Edmund Optics

Hollows serves on the board of the AIA, the world's largest machine vision trade association. He will provide an informed view on today's machine vision market, how it is changing, and what technological challenges the industry needs to overcome to meet future demands.

"The Light Controlled Factory Project"

Dr. Jody Muelaner, University of Bath

The light-controlled factory project will address issues experienced in large-scale high-value manufacturing, such as aircraft structures, satellites and wind turbines, which currently depend on highly skilled craft-based work, as well as inflexible and expensive custom tooling and machines. There is a need to move toward part-to-part assembly using flexible tools and automation, as well as improve performance by eliminating measurement uncertainties. The use of metrology-driven predictive processes provides a way to achieve this assembly while metrology advances will enhance machine vision and other capabilities for automation. Dr Muelaner will outline the project, which received funding earlier this year to explore the next generation of factories, and specifically the use of lasers and optical methods for measurement and the control of machines.

About the speakers:
Dr Muelaner is the technical manager of LIMA (The Laboratory for Integrated Metrology Applications) at the University of Bath where he works closely with clients in the aerospace sector and carries out research focused on the link between metrology and design for manufacture.

Gregory Hollows is responsible for everything pertaining to vision and imaging for EO, including the business plan, strategy, and product marketing and sales. He currently is the chair of the AIA BOD and the AIA education committee which represents over 300 global imaging companies.
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