Machine Vision with Collaborative Robots

Apr 12, 2023
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Sponsored by
Metaphase Technologies Inc.
Hamamatsu Corporation
About This Webinar
Vision-guided robots date back to the beginning of the modern industrial robot age in the early 1980s. Using vision to guide a robot has consistently been a method to add the sense of sight to a robotic application. Today, guiding a robot with 2D or 3D vision increases flexibility and reduces cost in many different industrial robot applications. As collaborative robots, or cobots, gain popularity, they bring new possibilities to incorporate machine vision in the work cell.

Josh Person of FANUC America Corp. shares how machine vision and cobots work well together for a wide range of applications. He addresses the following considerations:

  • Whether cobots are stationary or mounted to an autonomous mobile robot, vision can understand the robot’s position and placement to tackle processes such as machine tending, inspection, picking, packing, and more.
  • Vision cameras can be mounted directly onto six-axis cobots for error-proofing or part inspection from any angle.
  • Since people can work alongside a cobot, using vision allows the robot to overcome changes the person may make, such as part location. This keeps production moving on schedule.

Cobots support unique solutions for real-world problems. Adding vision to a cobot provides yet another tool to help customers improve production processes, gain efficiencies, reduce floor space requirements, and stay competitive.

Who should attend:
Manufacturers, designers, and engineers using machine vision in applications with collaborative robots. Those in vision industries that require machine tending, parts inspection, bin picking, and packing. Anyone working with cameras, sensors, and imaging.

About the presenter:
Josh Person is a staff engineer in the machine vision group of FANUC America’s General Industries and Automotive Segment. He is responsible for supporting FANUC’s integrated robot vision system, iRVision, for 2D, 3D, and inspection applications. Person joined FANUC in 1996 and has focused on FANUC vision products for over 20 years. He has a Master of Science degree in engineering management and a Bachelor of Science degree in automated manufacturing.



About the sponsors:
Metaphase Technologies Inc. has a large selection of machine vision and specialty LED lighting. The company's expertise is in lighting for robotics, line-scan inspection, and fast-capture imaging strobe for applications in manufacturing, quality assurance, border patrol, law enforcement, and military markets.

Hamamatsu Corp. is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics KK (Japan), a leading manufacturer of devices for the generation and measurement of infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. These devices include photodiodes, silicon photomultipliers, photomultiplier tubes, scientific light sources, infrared detectors, photoconductive detectors, and image sensors. The parent company is dedicated to the advancement of photonics through extensive research. This corporate philosophy results in state-of-the-art products that are used throughout the world in scientific, industrial, and commercial applications.

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