Measuring the Power and Beam Profile of Divergent Laser Sources

May 20, 2021
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Presented by
MKS Ophir, Light & Measurement
About This Webinar

Lasers with large beam divergence are used in a number of applications, such as remote sensing, optical communications, and materials processing. Large beam divergences create challenges for reliably characterizing lasers. This is primarily because the beam size from such lasers grows quickly over a short distance, and beam conditioning optics and sensors used to measure these beams can have a strong angular dependence.

In this webinar, Derrick Peterman, Ph.D., will discuss methods for reliably characterizing the beam power and profile of divergent sources, so that users will be able to better understand how their lasers are performing in critical applications.

Depiction of divergent sources. Courtesy of Ophir.

Who should attend:
R&D, engineering, manufacturing/production, test, and measurement/QC professionals whose work involves lasers, especially those with large beam divergence. All those looking for an introduction or extended learning on how to characterize beam power and profile of divergent sources. The aim of this webinar is to help assess and troubleshoot beam profiles.

About the presenter:
Derrick Peterman, Ph.D., is sales director, Americas, for Ophir, an MKS Instruments company. He has worked with laser engineers and scientists on laser beam profiling applications for over 20 years. He can be reached at [email protected].





About Ophir:
Ophir is a brand within the MKS Instruments Light & Motion Division. The Ophir product portfolio consists of laser and LED measurement products, including laser power and energy meters, laser beam profilers measuring femtowatt to hundred-kilowatt lasers, and high-performance IR and visible optical elements. Ophir products enhance our customers’ capabilities and productivity in the semiconductor, materials processing, life and health sciences, research, and defense markets.

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