Next-Generation 3D Sensing Solutions for AR/VR/XR Applications

Jan 9, 2023
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About This Webinar
AR/VR/XR is becoming more widespread, creating new consumer and enterprise experiences. As the technology expands, AR/VR/XR headsets are becoming imbued with increasingly advanced functionality. Whether illuminating the users’ environment to create compelling augmented and mixed reality interactions, or focusing on the users themselves for personalized adjustments and more lifelike avatars, 3D sensing will enable these devices to become seamless parts of our lives. VCSEL arrays are ideal for realizing these 3D sensing requirements within the unique constraints of AR/VR/XR head-mounted displays.

Head-mounted displays vary from lightweight, on-the-go augmented reality use to high-performance and enterprise virtual reality applications. Across device types, sensing requires long-, mid-, and short-range sensing use cases for world detection, gesture recognition, eye-tracking, and more. VCSELs provide flexibility across all vectors — including size, power, and wavelength — which empowers optimization across this diverse range of needs.

Ju shares how VCSELs are ideally suited to serve the evolving AR/VR/XR technology generations.

***This presentation premiered during the 2023 Photonics Spectra Conference. For more information on Photonics Media conferences, visit

About the presenter

Alex JuAlex Ju is a product line manager responsible for Lumentum 3D sensing products. Previously, she worked in research and design roles for emerging technologies, including wearables and additive manufacturing. Ju received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and her MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business. She is based in San Jose, Calif.
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