Perspectives in 3D Confocal Raman Imaging

May 30, 2017
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Presented by
WITec GmbH
About This Webinar
Presented by WITec GmbH, this webinar will show the workflow and power of confocal Raman imaging for analyzing the chemical composition, crystallinity, stress, optoelectronic and structural properties of materials and organisms. It will introduce you to state-of-the-art developments in confocal Raman imaging, including:

• Automation for more user-friendliness

• Recording surface topography of rough and uneven surfaces using WITec’s TrueSurface technology

• Improved analysis by simplifying the extraction of information from the data set

Confocal microscopy from WITec.
WITec confocal Raman microscope.

A live data evaluation of measured datasets will demonstrate the power of confocal Raman imaging today.

Thomas Dieing,Ph.D., Director of Applications and Support, WITec GmbHPresenter Thomas Dieing, Ph.D., is director of applications and support at WITec GmbH in Ulm, Germany. Dieing obtained his Ph.D. from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia in 2005, where he investigated the MBE growth of nitrogen containing III/V semiconductors. In 2006 he joined WITec's application team and he became director of applications and support in 2007.

Technical innovations in Raman microscopy now allow for extremely sharp 2D and 3D Raman imaging. Equipping a Raman microscope with additional techniques such as Atomic Force Microscopy makes correlative Raman microscopy easier by linking chemical with structural information. Attend this free webinar to experience advances in correlative, confocal Raman imaging that make the microscopic procedure and evaluation of data easier and quicker than ever before.

Who should attend: Both new and experienced Raman users, including scientists and researchers from material sciences, life sciences, pharma and other fields that use Raman microscopy.

About WITec GMbH: Since its founding in 1997, WITec GMbH has established itself as a market leader in the field of nano-analytical microscope systems (Raman, AFM, SNOM). All WITec products are developed and produced at the WITec headquarters in Ulm, Germany, which enables the most stringent quality control and high quality standards.
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