Polarization Extinction Ratio Measurement in Highly Birefringent Materials: Challenges and Solutions

Jun 23, 2021
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Presented by
Luna Innovations Inc.
About This Webinar
The use of polarization maintaining (PM) elements based upon optical fibers and waveguides are constantly growing in many applications, including telecommunications, fiber sensing, medical imaging, and high-power lasers. Because of the unique feature of preserving the states of the polarization of the optical signal passing through, polarization mode dispersion (PMD) can be minimized and polarization dependent loss (PDL) can be eliminated, thus increasing the quality of the signal.

The polarization maintaining ability of PM fibers and waveguides is generally characterized by their polarization extinction ratio (PER) — that is, the ratio between the power in the principal polarization component of a light beam to the power in the orthogonal polarization component, expressed in dB. External mechanical stresses, temperature variations, fiber splicing, fiber connecterizations, and polarization misalignments are all factors that can degrade the overall PER in the fiber network.

In this webinar, Luna will present the different solutions for measuring the PER of different optical components. More emphasis is on the PXA-1000 because of its unique capability of providing distributed polarization crosstalk information and the PER of a particular section along the optical path.

Who should attend:
R&D scientists, engineers, and manufacturing professionals, including those involved in optical design and T&M who work with detectors and sensors, fiber optics, and lasers for a range of applications from aerospace to medical. Those looking to understand the evolution of applications for polarization maintaining elements, for which this webinar will highlight the importance of and methods for measuring the polarization extinction ratio of optical components.

About the presenter:
Wajih Daab has over seven years of experience in the sales and marketing of high-technology photonics products. He currently holds the position of product line manager in Luna’s lightwave division, providing technical support and ensuring that next-generation products meet market needs. Daab holds two master’s degrees, in electrical engineering (optics) and systems engineering, from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.



About Luna Innovations Inc.:
Luna Innovations (Nasdaq: LUNA) is a leader in optical technology, committed to serving its customers with unique capabilities in high-performance, fiber optic-based sensing, measurement, testing, and control products for the aerospace, transportation, infrastructure, security, defense, and automotive industries, among others. Luna provides high-performance photonic test, measurement, and control products based on fiber optic technology, including solutions for optical component test, fiber optic network test, polarization management and emulation, and optical modules and components.

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