Squeeze More Out of Your Measurement with Modern Lock-in Amplifier Technology

Jan 21, 2021
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Presented by
Zurich Instruments AG
About This Webinar
Measurement time is precious, so it is critical to capture as much information as possible in one experimental run. The goal of this talk is to provide you with insights into how modern lock-in amplifier technology can help you to make the most out of each experiment you perform.

Claudius Riek will explain how to do so independently of whether you need to record one parameter or multiple variables simultaneously. He will start by summarizing how to implement lock-in detection to obtain maximum SNR. He will then discuss the advantages of direct AM/FM demodulation, as opposed to tandem demodulation, to recover more information from a measurement. To conclude, Riek will illustrate how a boxcar averager can capture even more information from a periodic non-sinusoidal signal within a given measurement time window.

Zurick lock-in amplifier technology

***This presentation premiered during the 2021 Photonics Spectra Conference Spectroscopy track. For information on upcoming Photonics Media events, see our event calendar here.

About the presenter:
Claudius Riek, Ph.D., is an application scientist responsible for all photonics applications at Zurich Instruments, with seven years of experience in ultrafast photonics, in particular THz time-domain spectroscopy, laser scanning microscopy, and frequency combs. Claudius is curious to look into new applications way beyond optics and photonics.

About the sponsor:
Zurich Instruments makes cutting-edge instrumentation for scientists and technologists in advanced laboratories who are passionate about phenomena that are notoriously difficult to measure. The company's hardware offering includes lock-in amplifiers, quantum computing control systems, impedance analyzers, and arbitrary waveform generators.

Zurich Instruments brings innovation to scientific instrumentation in the medium- to super-high-frequency ranges by combining a variety of frequency- and time-domain tools within each of its products thanks to the LabOne® control software. This approach simplifies laboratory setups and unlocks new measurement approaches for dynamic signal analysis.
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