Tips for Designing and Implementing Vision Systems for a Warehouse Environment

Jul 19, 2022
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About This Webinar
The warehouse automation market has grown rapidly, especially as disruptions in the supply chain have exposed limitations. Chief among these limitations is visibility and traceability. Transportation, storage, and fulfillment are all areas where vision systems can help in detecting errors in dimensioning, identifying, and verifying correct products along each stage of the warehouse operation. Where can vision technologies best help at each stage? Brennan walks through the factors that integrators and the companies they serve should consider when designing, implementing, and evaluating a vision system for a warehouse environment. Which vision systems, if any, are most suitable for addressing different pain points in the warehouse? Where is the best place to start? Brennan also discusses various advancements in vision technology that have been applied in response to existing challenges and what challenges remain.

***This presentation premiered during the 2022 Vision Spectra Conference. For more information on Photonics Media conferences, visit

About the presenter:
Tom BrennanTom Brennan is president and founder of Artemis Vision, which builds machine vision systems for automated quality inspection and optimization for manufacturing and logistics. He is an A3 Advanced-Level Certified Vision Professional, and he is ASQ’s 2021 Hromi Medal recipient for outstanding contribution to the science of inspection and for advancement of the inspection profession. Brennan has been working in the industrial machine vision and imaging processing software market for the past 12 years, where he has led the design of numerous successful machine vision systems for industries ranging from medical to automotive to warehousing. Brennan got his start in the vision industry designing machine vision vehicle detection
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