Vision Science and AR/VR

Aug 25, 2020
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About This Webinar

As technologies for augmented, virtual, and mixed realities continue to advance, head-mounted displays (HMDs) face a variety of vision-related challenges. These include visual discomfort, reductions in visual performance, and distortions of 3D percepts. In this webinar, Martin S. Banks, Ph.D., will discuss the causes of these issues and how best to minimize them.

Who Should Attend: 
Optical designers, engineers, scientists, and researchers involved in the development, implementation, and/or use of AR/VR/MR technology who are interested in the improvement of head-mounted displays. Users of head-mounted displays curious about innovations that might improve their experience and comfort.

About the Presenter:
Banks is known for his work on basic and applied research on human visual development, visual space perception, multisensory integration, and the development and evaluation of advanced displays. He received a B.A. in psychology from Occidental College in 1970, an M.S. in experimental psychology from UC San Diego in 1973, and a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1976. He is a member of UC Berkeley’s Vision Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Bioengineering graduate programs. Notable awards are the McCandless Award, American Psychological Association; Koffka Medal, Giessen University; Holgate Fellow, Durham University; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Fellow, American Psychological Society; Prentice Award, American Academy of Optometry; Honorary Professor, University of Wales; Borish Scholar, Indiana University; Schade Prize, Society for Information Display, and Tillyer Award from The Optical Society of America. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2019.

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