Vision Spectra Conference 2022: July 19 - 21

Jul 19, 2022
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About This Webinar
Discover new and evolving trends in machine vision. Join us July 19-21, 2022 at the Vision Spectra Conference!

This free virtual conference gathers the leading names and thinkers in the machine vision industry – all in one place. Hear from brilliant speakers and discover new, innovative companies that are transforming the industry. Tune in for the latest on inspection, vision-guided robotics, warehousing and logistics, and new advances in systems and components.

Globally recognized AI visionary Andrew Ng will deliver the first of three keynotes, focusing on the use of “good data” over “big data” to harness the power of deep learning with machine vision for quality inspection. Luca Verre, co-founder and CEO of neuromorphic vision systems developer Prophesee, will present on neuromorphic sensing. Richard Liu of Yole Developpement will offer a macro look at the machine vision market and isolate market demands and drivers as well as long- and short-term growth factors.


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Full Program

Day 1 - Inspection & AI Track
KEYNOTE: Data-Centric AI: Using Small Sets of Data to Solve Real-World Applications with Deep Learning

Andrew Ng
Landing AI

The Single-Camera Approach to Addressing Inspection Challenges in the Pharmaceutical and Beverage Industries
Francesco Mondadori
Opto Engineering

The Evolution of Deep Learning in Practice: The Move Toward Data-Centric Deep Learning
Christian Eckstein

Why Manufacturers of All Sizes Can Leverage Vision AI Software
Massimiliano Versace

PROMOTED: The Ultimate Vision System for Backlit Components: Light, Color, and Defect Detection in One
Matt Scholz & Chris Williamson
Radiant Vision Systems

Best Practices for Successful Automated Inspection and Quality Assurance
David L. Dechow
Landing AI

The Democratization of AI-Powered Inspection
Jonathan Hou

Low-Latency, On-Camera Inspection
Martin Hunt
Coherent Logix

Inspections for Food and Packaging: Reaching Expectations with Machine Vision, Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging
Albert Tu
Hamamatsu Corp.

Warehouse & Logistics Track
Utilizing Autonomous Mobile Robots in a Warehouse Environment
Jared Glover
CapSen Robotics

Multimodal Machine Vision Applications Demand Integrated Lighting Solutions
Steve Kinney
Smart Vision Lights

Barcode Reading: The Not So Obvious Path to Deep Learning Solutions
Jim Witherspoon
Zebra Technologies

Tips for Designing and Implementing Vision Systems for a Warehouse Environment
Tom Brennan
Artemis Vision

Day 2 - Vision-Guided Robotics Track

KEYNOTE: From 2D to 3D, the Machine Vision Market Is Hot. Is This Real End-Market Demand or a Price Bubble?
Richard Liu
Yole Développement

3D Sensing for Fast-Moving Robotics
Svorad Stolc

3D Robot Guidance: Their World Isn’t Flat Either
Nick Longworth

Overcoming Contrast With 3D Imaging in Robotic Vision Applications
Josh Person
FANUC North America

Human-Like Vision for Pick-and-Place Robotics
Raman Sharma

Increasing Efficiency in Robotics and Automation With the Latest Time-of-Flight Camera Technology
Alexis Teissie
Lucid Vision Labs

Components Track

Sensor Advancements and How They Affect the Selection of Optics
Nick Sischka
Edmund Optics

Understanding Tolerance Sensitivity in Imaging Lenses to Respond to Sensor Advancements
Greg Hollows
Edmund Optics

Lighting Considerations for Line-Scan Imaging
Austin O'Neill

Multispectral Imaging in the SWIR with Optical Filters
John Atkinson
Chroma Technology Corp.

Optical Filters: The Easiest, Most Cost-Effective Way to Improve Machine Vision Imaging
Georgy Das
Midwest Optical Technologies

PROMOTED: Matching Diode Lasers and Their Applications with Beam-Shaping Micro-Optics
Dirk Hauschild
Focuslight Technologies Inc.

Day 3 - Cameras & Sensors Track

KEYNOTE: Event-Based Vision: A New Standard for Advanced Machine Vision Systems
Luca Verre

Market Forecast 2022: Hyperspectral Imaging Moves Toward Wider Adoption
Matthew Dyson

Low-Threshold SWIR Imaging with Quantum Dot Sensors
Pawel Malinowski

Hyperspectral Imaging for Machine Vision: Seeing Beyond the Visible
Mathieu Marmion
Specim Spectral Imaging

Big Trends in Small Cameras
Paritosh Prayagi

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Shortwave Infrared Imagers
Martin Ettenberg
Princeton Infrared Technologies

Computational Meta-Optics Enable Ultrathin Cameras for Full-Color Imaging
Shane Colburn

The Vision System Acceptance Test: Defining "Done"
Perry West
Automated Vision Systems Inc.

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