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Down-Hole Fluid Sensor Launched

Horsham, Pa., Feb. 12, 2014 — Optoelectronic components and systems designer Avo Photonics, in collaboration with an optical-sensor group at oil and natural-gas service company Weatherford International of Geneva, has validated the performance of a down-hole multichannel photometer that performs fluid analysis in deep boreholes.

The sensor has completed several field trials and is being volume manufactured by Avo Photonics for commercial deployment by Weatherford.

A down-hole multichannel photometer, developed by Avo Photonics and Weatherford International. Courtesy Avo Photonics.

The reservoir fluid analyzer (RFA) sensor fits in a 4.5-in.-diameter hole, performing down-hole fluid analysis up to 5 km below the Earth’s surface. The sensor design allows the device to perform photometric analysis while withstanding operating temperatures from −20 to 177 °C and total differential pressures up to 30,000 psi.

“Designing and manufacturing an optical fluid analyzer for down hole is challenging, and Weatherford’s extended long-wavelength requirements compounded the difficulties of high-temperature performance,” said Thomas Haslett, chief technology officer for Avo Photonics. “We created an original design from our unique perspective.”

Avo Photonics is a Halma company.

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This is interesting. "fits in a 4.5 inch diameter hole" ... how big is the device itself? Is this a unique product? I have inquired on Avo's website, but have not yet heard back.
3/26/2014 12:20:14 PM
- opticusprime

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